George Tony Moore's waterlily storeGeorge Tony Moore's waterlily store
Live plants from one of the best known modern hybridizers in the USA

George Tony Moore's waterlily store

Tony Moore: Water Lily Master

George Anthony "Tony" Moore started hybridizing waterlilies in the 1997. Tony resides in Ohio with his wife Dawn on his waterlily farm with most of his hybrids and his collection of waterlilies.

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Customer Reviews & Waterlily Growing Experience

Customer Reviews & Waterlily Growing Experience  - #1
Tony ships wonderful plants. His communication is excellent. I basically learned how to grow my water lilies and get them to bloom regularly from listening to his guidance. Now I have water lilies in bloom all the time because I have his hybrids which are good bloomers and I know how to actually grow water lilies...
Cindy M.
Customer Reviews & Waterlily Growing Experience  - #2
Tony has provided me with some beautiful hybrids. I love Razzberry and Lemon Meringue so much! I am looking forward to getting more hybrids in our new pond next summer and we loved the tour he and his wife gave us since we are locals! Thank you for your kindness and all your help!
Anna Renbach
Customer Reviews & Waterlily Growing Experience  - #3
I have been ordering and working with Tony for more than 14 years. He has always sent incredible plants. His hybrids are really nice and I enjoy working with Tony.
Zac D

Live Waterlily Plant Delivery

I ship live waterlilies early in the week during much of the year as strong plants with tracking sent immediately to each customers email.
Always working on new plants...

Always working on new plants...

I devote my time and effort into new new plants with characteristics and traits in hardy waterlilies I would like to see. So far I have been very happy with my early work. I also enjoy talking to others who have hybridized plants and watching the genetics move from the parents to the offspring.

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Tony Moore, owner/operator +1(513)503-1270
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We are located in Bethel, Ohio. Please call or email if you wish to visit in person. We look forward to seeing you!